Mila Kunis Sunglasses

Feast your eyes on the delightful Mila Kunis, looking super sleek and sexy while donning a pair of sunglasses by Mosley Tribes, model name Raynes.

As you probably know, Mila Kunis wore these sunglasses while filming the movie entitled "The Book of Eli", and if I'm not mistaken, these shades were specially designed for this movie and for Mila's character.

If your looking to purchase a pair, they sell for around $200 beans.

Mila Kunis Money Net Worth

I was doing some stooping around the internet and stumbled across a website that lists the money net worth of famous people. And to my surprise i found out that Mila Kunis is worth over $30 million buckaroos!

Looks like the role on "That 70's Show" is still paying off nicely, because i didn't think she had landed any "huge" movie roles just yet.

She totally deserves every penny!

Mila Kunis Bra Size

I just stumbled across this neat website that lists celebrity bra sizes.

The had Mila Kunis listed as having a 32B bra size, which sounds about right, however i have seen some recent photos where she looks a little bigger...

Mila Kunis Height

Clearly its no secret that Mila Kunis is a very petite young lady, however do you know the height of said young lady?

Well it seems as if every site i visited was in agreement that Mila Kunis's height is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Now i don't know about you guys, but i think shorter women are the way to go! Right?

Mila Kunis Measurements

Looks like its time for yet another round of did you style, Mila Kunis style!

Did you know that Mila Kunis's measurements are 32-25-32?

Well at least that what an array of websites are claiming, which sounds about right if you ask me.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about Mila Kunis.